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Buying and selling may seem like simple tasks, but when it comes to valuable antiques and rare collectibles, the stakes are higher than ever. In “Final Offer”, four of the country’s smartest, shrewdest and most successful dealers will battle it out to bid and buy some of the nation’s most desired items. This isn’t your typical bidding war — these dealers will be shelling out their own big bucks for high ticket items that demand the necessary expertise to strike a good deal. From historical artifacts to instruments owned by rock and roll legends, original artwork to motion picture props, these four experts will immediately know the value of these prized goods. In “Final Offer”, sellers will get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to haggle with the series’ experts to acquire these rare items for the best possible price. But there’s a catch — once they pass on an offer, there is no turning back. The offer is off the table. The seller must gamble that the next bid is at least as high as the first. It’s an intense and dramatic high stakes face-off. If they jump the gun, they may pass up on a future offer that rakes in more money.

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Release Date: May 31, 2011 (US)

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Most recent episode: Final Offer Season 1 Episode 8